Hey there, my name is Dyllan Matt. I am a Canadian guy who has been an outdoor enthusiast my entire life. This is one my adventure companions, Captain. He and I and the team at Insider Outside want to thank you for stopping by. 

Me and chain of fish - Northern Pike

As a child my parents would regularly make time to get out to the lake. Quite often we would stay the summer at the lake and spend everyday catching fish and going for hikes.

I feel very lucky to have grown up with such a strong emphasis on outdoor recreation.

I spent my winters cross country skiing, and sledding and building ice forts and my summers riding horses,  swimming and fishing with my cousins. 

My sister’s horse Rusty and I spent long days exploring the surrounding countryside. 

Riding horse Rusty

I remember one time I headed out on the horse and about an hour into the trip something spooked him. I think it was probably a bear because of how frantically he reacted. I heard this loud snap and he instantly threw his head back almost catching my in the face. 

His eyes went wild and he took off running. He kept going for a mile or two and I could not get him to stop no matter what I tried. 

Eventually the saddle came loose and I ended up sliding around his belly and falling off. I’m pretty sure he didn’t care because he never even looked back. 

How does the saying go? 

You don’t have to be faster than the bear, you just have to be faster than the other guy with you. 

Ha! Ha! Good old Rusty Dog.

Welding outside winter

As a youngster, I spent a great deal of time helping my father on his jobs. When I grew up, I followed in his footsteps and chose a career in construction. 

I have been working as a welder for the past 20 plus years now and have learned how to stay safe, warm and dry in even the harshest weather conditions.

They way I saw it, you just couldn’t beat the view. 

I am fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. I get out as often as I can. 

It seems the majesty of the mountains can change your entire perspective. Try taking a seat and listen to the bubbling and tricking of babbling brook. Let the crystal water rinse your anxieties and worries from your mind.

It’s not just leisure time for me anymore. I’m not religious, but its spiritual for me for sure.  Why do I do it?Because it is what soothes my soul.

Me and Sozo on river sitting on rock

I always pack out whatever I pack in and many times come home with other peoples leftovers. Just ask my son about all the waste we have picked up while wandering the back country. 

I take the stewardship of our precious earth seriously. I hope to help others see that we need a team effort on this one.

I  would really like to help others to be well equipped and informed about their leisure choices in order that they may also be able to responsibly enjoy the outdoors.

how do i create content...?

All of the content you will find on this site has been carefully planned and edited by me to ensure adherence to the highest of quality standards. 

There is nothing that is posted on this site without getting approval from me, the Chief Editor in order to ensure that all of the information that is published is accurate so you can trust it to make informed travel and purchase decisions.

As much as possible we try to get our hands on the items mentioned in this blog but this is not always possible so we also make use of extensive online feedback from real customers. 

In addition to all of this I also make a point of visiting as many outfitters and merchants as I can in order to stay current with improvements, trends, technology and innovation in the outdoor lifestyle industry which may be of interest to you.

All in all I want this site to be a valuable source of inspiration and relevant information that you can trust is not rigged by brand sponsorship so you can use our information to make the best decision possible while planning your next adventure.

is all this sustainable...?

As many of you know, the situation with environmental concerns and pollution along with many other factors nowadays, has forced us to recognize the impact we as humans have on our surroundings. 

I have children now myself which has further prompted me to grow my understanding. I realize their future is literally in my hands. 

The fact is the choices we make today, affect not only us, but will affect every generation that follows.

1 - Reduced Renewal Rate

We are all aware that manufacturing has an environmental impact, in short it uses energy. As a consequence, if you buy less often you contribute less to waste. If we help you choose items that will last longer and are better suited to your needs, you will both save money and help preserve our landscapes. It’s a win-win situation.

2 - Renewable & Non-Polluting Materials

Once again we don’t live in a perfect world but if within the items we recommend, some of them use recycled materials and sustainable manufacturing process we will be sure to give you a heads up so you can help ease the impact on the environment.

By following these two principles I hope to help reduce the carbon footprint of those who enjoy spending their time in the wild at my level. If you are interested in helping with this universal concern then feel free to check out our recomendations and play responsibly.

What's in it for you...?

So why should you read the Insider Outside blog? Why trust our site to help you plan your outdoors adventures? 

I would say the main reason you would look to us is that you want to dramatically improve your outdoor adventure experience in a responsible and sustainable manner. And you want to and to ensure that the precious resources we share, like pristine waterways and beautiful views are properly protected and remain accessible for all future generations.

If You Resonate With The Following Statements You Will Enjoy The Content You Find On This Site.

  • You want quality, reliable gear to take you safely through your outdoor adventures for years to come
  • You want to be able to focus on the experience and the people you are enjoying your time with instead of worrying about an equipment malfunction or some other destracting detail
  • You want gear advice based on real world customer experience instead of commercial sales pages
  • You are environmentally conscious and woul like your kids to have a shot at enjoying the same outdoor experiences in the future

My Mission On This Site Is To provide you with Reliable, Trust-Worthy, Relevant, Informative And Practical Advice Centerd Around the Conscious, Responsible, Fun-Loving Living, Playing And Exploring Of The "Great Outdoors".


Dyllan c. Matt