Best Boards Reviews

Waterboarding is not a new concept we know, but there have been so many advancements with this piece of outdoor kit in recent years it’s been really interesting to watch the evolution. You can get boards designed to be pulled behind a power-boat, complete with straps and harness. Some boards even come with their own paddles and need to be inflated.

When compared to other forms of personal watercraft, waterboards have many advantages. You can use them virtually anywhere there is water and not worry about pollution. They are convenient, portable and affordable. Most forms of waterboarding require little more than a board and a life vest.

Like most things these days, there is an abundance of options available. So the team here at Insider Outside has done some digging to help make sense of it all.

best fishing paddle board

Choosing the best fishing paddle board is a highly subjective process. As with most hobbyists there are the purists who prefer to have as close to an equal physical match up with their game as possible. And then there are the rest of us who manage to be check-mate with mother nature at the best of times. We understand that the right equipment can make all the difference.

best foam surfboard

It appears that “the times they are a changing” – [ Bob Dylan ] when you start talking about foam surf boards And surf culture as a whole has seen a number of advancements. Foam surf boards are the softer, lighter cousins of traditional hard boards. They were once mostly kept concealed from public view by their owners for fear of shaming by affluent members of surf culture. 

Thankfully, this mindset is now mostly been traded for a more welcoming and inclusive one. Some people might even argue that we are now waist deep in a full blown foam surfboard revolution. 

70 best surfboard brands

Here you will find a gateway to the most influential surf brands of all time dating back to the 1950’s. You’re welcome.

best stand up paddle board for beginners

Paddle boarding, like many other water sports, requires us to interact with one of the most sensitive resources we have… Water. Because of this we at feel obligated to help spread a message of awareness. We believe caring for our planet is a duty we all share. We promise to keep your interests in mind, if you promise to keep our precious resources in mind. 

So as our fist act of loyalty to that promise, the team here at Insider Outside has put their best foot forward with the conscientious guides below for best stand up paddle board for beginners to make sure all you aspiring paddlers out there start off on the right foot.