best Dinghy reviews

The term dinghy comes from the Hindi language and was first used in India to describe several similar vessels. Each with a wide, flat-bottomed shape. They were considered to be solid and reliable.

Today most dinghy’s are purpose built, like the sailing dinghy for example. They are fitted with a mast and a sail and usually customized for trapezing. Sailing Dinghy’s are mainly suited for recreation. While other models are more utility oriented and useful for a number of applications. 

The Pram is an example of a small utility dinghy. It has a transom or flattened bow as opposed to a pointed one. The Whale boat or “Whaler” on the other hand is more streamlined with their stern lines. This makes them suitable to row, to motor or to sail. Dories are another common type. Dories are quite suitable for shallow, choppy water and can be landed and launched in the surf better than other styles.

Rigid safety dinghy’s are the most commonly used dinghy these days and are often used as tender for larger vessels. They are also suitable for rowing, towing, motoring and sailing and are frequently used as rescue life boats. Check out the guides below for a closer look at elements such as materials and dimensions and what makes each kind of dinghy so perfectly suited for its intended task.