best kayaks reviews

The stress relieving benefits of getting out into nature are well documented and lets face it you deserve an escape from the everyday grind once in a while. Kayaking is an excellent choice for an effective and eco-friendly physical activity. You can set sail with your rig in just about any available body of water and be confident that your activities will have a minimal environmental impact. So grab your gear and head out with some friends for some fun and excitement.

best kayaks top picks

If you are wondering where to start when looking at investing in a new kayak, let us help. In our best kayaks top picks review we look at the best of the best in each category. From the best kayak for kids to the best folding kayak, we have broken things down into bite-sized chunks so you can make an well informed decision when choosing the best kayak for your purposes.

best kayaks by type

Whether you are looking for better viewing angles into the water, or you need something stable to fish from, the guides below analyze real world user feedback to give you a clear idea of which kayak is best suited for your intended use. 


best kayaks by application

Whether you are looking for the best two person fishing kayak, so you can take a friend with you or you are looking to find the best white water kayak, so you can show off to your friends.

If you are looking for a purpose built kayak you are in the right place. 

In the guides below we have analyzed the best kayaks by application so you’ll know exactly which kayak is most suited to your specific needs. 

best kayaks by value

We know the reality these days is that we need to keep a closer eye on our finances so our research in this guide has been focused on crunching the numbers for you. We look at everything from simple recreational kayaks to entry level fishing kayaks. 

If you’re looking to get paddling in comfort and style while keeping the expenses in check we can help you find a sensible option. 

Our best kayaks by value reviews will show you how to stretch your dollar and get the best deal possible.