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Exotic Knives

Whether you are a collector, a connoisseur, master bladesmith or if you are looking for something that will inspire, our best exotic knives guides below are on point. 

common knives

I can still remember the first folding knife I ever got as a kid.  It seemed to me like some kind of spiritual right of passage.I carried that thing with me every where I went. I cut balers’ binder twine with it for making forts. I cut fishing line with it when we went camping. I cut spears with it and boughs of willow for a making bows and arrows. 

I even cut myself with it.

I remember losing it in the long grass at my cousins’ farm one summer and it was like my world ended… I went back out there and managed to find it the following summer and it was rusted shut. 

I’m sure it was an inexpensive knife but it meant the world to me. I hope our guides below can give you something as precious and long lasting as those memories… minus the scar of course.

Knife accessories

If you have taken the time to carefully select the perfect blade then you will likely want to take the time to care for it as well. You will want to consider moisture protection and of course you’ll want to keep it razor sharp and ready for duty.

In our best knife accessories guides below we take a look at all of the best options for care and maintenance including oils, sharpeners, carrying cases and cleaning options.