What is The Law of Correspondence

The law of correspondence success and self-mastery are key to living a fulfilling life and not becoming drained or feeling like you are always swimming against the current.

In energy work, it is one of the fundamental rules governing various aspects of our lives, yet most of us don't even know about it.

The Universal Law of Correspondence is a powerful concept. It can greatly impact your success and has a significant impact your level of self-mastery.

Besides being one of the powerful laws governing the entire universe (as if that wasn't badass enough), it even governs me and you.

Whether you are looking for a greater level of satisfaction in your love life, looking to expand your social circle or deepen friendships and relationships or even if you want to master your finances, reach new career heights, health or happiness goals, knowing how to leverage these laws is key to a life well-lived.

What Does it Say Exactly?

This law of correspondence states that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world, and that there is a direct correlation between our thoughts, beliefs, and actions, and the results we experience in life.


In simple terms, the Law of Correspondence teaches us that whatever we focus on and give our attention to, whether consciously or unconsciously, will manifest in our reality.

If we hold positive thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes, we are more likely to attract positive experiences and outcomes.

Conversely, if we harbor negative thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes, we will likely attract negative experiences and outcomes.

Understanding and applying the Law of Correspondence can be transformative.

It empowers us to take responsibility for our thoughts.

Likewise, it also challenges us to own our emotions, and actions. It was created to foster the understanding that we all have a direct impact on our external circumstances by what we internalize or eminate from ourselves.

By aligning our inner world with our desired outcomes, we can create a life of success, abundance, and fulfillment.

Defining Beliefs

For example, if we desire to improve our relationships, we must first examine our thoughts and beliefs about love, trust, and communication. If we hold a poor view of our relationships, guess what? The universe will give us what we are envisioning as an outcome.

This is the principle of "like" attracts "like".

One thing Leads to Another

It's all about the vibes man!

But seriously, we may be talking about the law of correspondence, however the fact is the universal laws are are all linked.

The law of vibration for instance, is one we haven't mentioned here yet, but since all of them depend on each other, you might want to click that link and read about it next.

Don't worry we'll put another link a the end of this post so you can keep on reading.

What is most important to understand is that by cultivating positive and empowering beliefs, you can attract healthier and more fulfilling relationships into you life.

And who's not looking for more chill people these days?

Does the Law of Correspondence Work On Money?

You bet!

Similarly, if we seek financial abundance, we must shift our mindset from scarcity to abundance. And we must get inspired to take action toward our financial goals.

The Law of Correspondence invites us to become conscious creators of our reality, rather than passive recipients.

This might be a paradigm shift for many of us in the west.

This goes doubly if your family was a particularly religious or otherwise fearful or restrictive one as was the case with mine.

Purpose of the Universal Law of Correspondence

It reminds us that we have the power to shape our lives based on our thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

By aligning our inner world with our desired outcomes, we can manifest the success and self-mastery we desire in all areas of life.

In the following sections, we will delve deeper into the various aspects of the Law of Correspondence, exploring practical strategies and techniques to apply this universal law for personal growth and transformation.

The Law of Correspondence is a guiding principle to help you achieve your goals and create a life of abundance and fulfillment.

The Law of Correspondence: A Deep Dive into Manifestation and Self-Mastery

In the vast realm of metaphysical philosophy, the Universal Law of Correspondence stands as a beacon of understanding, unveiling the intricate connection between our physical reality and the mental plane.

The law is rooted in Hermetic principles and we find it echoed across various spiritual paths.

This fundamental law asserts that patterns in our external world mirror those on the spiritual planes, emphasizing the delicate balance achieved through pairs of opposites.

Exploring the Cosmic Symphony with Hermes Trismegistus

Embarking on a journey through the spiritual planes, we encounter the wisdom of Hermes Trismegistus, an ancient sage whose teachings form the bedrock of Hermetic philosophy.

If we were on a tour of France, this might be akin to visiting the Eifel Tower.

His insights reveal the interconnectedness of all things, offering a profound understanding of the intricate dance between the seen and unseen.

Planes of Existence

As we delve deeper into the 7-31 generally defined planes, we grasp the intricate threads that weave the fabric of existence. What are the 7-31 generally defined planes? They are the seven planes of consciousness outlined in Hermetic philosophy.

These planes range from the physical plane, which is composed of energy and matter, to the spiritual plane, which encompasses our innermost thoughts.

The 7 Planes and Their Definitions

The seven planes of consciousness are:

  1. The Physical Plane: This plane encompasses the physical reality we interact with on a daily basis. It includes matter and energy, as well as other forms of tangible existence.
  2. The Emotional Plane: The emotional plane is where our feelings and emotions arise from. It’s a powerful gateway to understanding our innermost needs and desires.
  3. The Mental Plane: The mental plane is where our thoughts are formed. It’s a powerful force in shaping our world and manifesting that which we desire.
  4. The Astral Plane: This plane is composed of energy, and it’s where we can access spiritual insight and creative inspiration. It’s a realm of possibilities, where our dreams become reality.
  5. The Etheric Plane: This plane is the bridge between the physical and spiritual realms. It’s a place of healing and transformation, where we can access our highest potential.
  6. The Celestial Plane: The celestial plane is a realm of pure spirit, where we can encounter divine wisdom and insight.
  7. The Causal Plane: This plane is the realm of cause-and-effect, where we can understand how our thoughts, beliefs, and actions are connected to our outcomes.

What Is The Law Of Correspondence

The law of opposite, the law of vibration, the law of attraction, the law of cause and effect; what do all of these have in common?

They are some of the other adjoining law that dynamically influence the Universal Law of Correspondence success and self-mastery.

This powerful law states that what is in the physical realm corresponds to what is in the spiritual realm, and vice versa.

I heard someone ask the other day, why not just use AI to clean house on the stock market?

The answer given to that question fits here as well, because as soon as you go manipulating one variable the others change.

This is an direct but inverse relationship, meaning that as one thing happens the other will respond accordingly, and this is the basis of the Law of Correspondence.

Inner Work for Outer Transformation

At its core, the Law of Correspondence unveils the profound relationship between our outer conditions and the mental plane.

Manifestation becomes the key, where the focus of our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions determines the reality we experience.

To leverage this law for self-mastery, a keen awareness of one's personal struggles becomes paramount.

From transforming sadness to happiness, positive thoughts yield positive outcomes, while negativity begets challenges.

Mindfulness, self-compassion and a data-driven mindset empower individuals to identify and overcome hindrances, paving the way for successful self-mastery.

The Principle of Mentalism: Understanding the Microscopic Level

Delving into the mental plane takes us to the very core of existence. This is a place where the Principle of Mentalism governs the intricate dance of thought and energy.

Every thought, a microscopic level of creation, contributes to the grand tapestry of reality.

Understanding this principle allows individuals to navigate the subtle nuances of the mind, unlocking the potential to shape their experiences consciously.

The Role of Universal Principles

Masculine vs feminine principles are at the heart of the Law of Correspondence. The former represents action while the latter represents receptivity.

To maximize the potential of this law, individuals must balance both these components.

The masculine principle is essential in setting clear intentions for manifestation, while the feminine enables us to receive what we desire with an attitude of trust and surrender.

Navigating the Wisdom of the Ages

Studying the Law of Correspondence is not merely an intellectual pursuit; it is a gateway to heightened consciousness and self-awareness.

This profound exploration reveals that our thoughts are architects of our experiences.

Understanding this law provides the essential knowledge required to master the intricacies of the mind and emotions.

By delving into the interplay between external circumstances and internal states, individuals embark on a transformative journey toward personal growth and success.

The Checkerboard of Life: Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies

As we traverse the spiritual planes, we encounter the metaphorical checkerboard of life, where the interplay of masculine energy and feminine energy becomes evident.

Understanding and balancing these energies is akin to orchestrating a symphony, where each note contributes to the harmonious manifestation of desires.

The Law of Correspondence, in its wisdom, invites individuals to become conductors of their energetic orchestra, aligning with the universal rhythm.

Hermetic Teachings and the 20th Century Connection

Ancient Wisdom in Modern Thought

The Universal Law of Correspondence finds resonance in Hermetic teachings, a philosophical tradition dating back to ancient Egypt.

It is one of the key laws governing spiritual energy in our every day real life.

Its influence, however, extends beyond antiquity into the 20th century, where visionaries like Napoleon Hill drew inspiration.

Hill's collaboration with industrialist Andrew Carnegie resulted in the timeless wisdom encapsulated in the classic "Think and Grow Rich," a single hardcover book that transcends time.

Comparisons with People: Lessons from Successful People

Drawing parallels with the lives of successful people becomes a catalyst for understanding the practical application of the Law of Correspondence.

Through the lens of Hermetic principles, we discern the thought patterns and actions that distinguish a successful business person from the average person.

The comparison serves as a roadmap for individuals aspiring to transcend mediocrity and become architects of their destiny.

The Link Between Inner and Outer Realities

Tools for Manifestation

Unlocking the full potential of the Law of Correspondence and the form of energy it holds demands intentional actions.

Award-winning books, such as Napoleon Hill's seminal work, serve as guides, offering profound insights into utilizing this law for self-mastery.

Visualization becomes a potent tool, shaping positive energy that echoes through the universe, attracting opportunities aligned with one's outer reality.

Thoughtful Action: The Bridge Between Success and Average

As we navigate the path between the spiritual planes and the physical world, the concept of thoughtful action emerges as a bridge.

While positive thinking sets the stage, it is thoughtful action that propels you from the realm of average to the echelons of success.

Understanding this dynamic interplay aligns you with the Law of Correspondence. ensuring their actions echo their aspirations.

Conscious Creation in Human Existence


The essence of the Law of Correspondence lies in recognizing the vibrational nature of the universe.

Every thought and action emits vibrations interconnected with the vast tapestry of existence.

To tap into this power, one must become a CONSCIOUS CREATOR, a perceptive observer of surroundings, an active participant in life.

The Pendulum Swing: Mastering the Principle of Rhythm

As individuals embark on the journey of conscious creation, they encounter the rhythmic pendulum swing of the Principle of Rhythm.

Understanding that the swing manifests in both personal and collective experiences empowers individuals to navigate challenges with grace.

By riding the pendulum's arc, individuals harness the cyclical nature of life to manifest their desires, even in the face of adversity.

Understanding the Rise-and-Fall Behavior

Unveiling Hidden Connections

Delving into the mystical inquiry of the Law of Correspondence unveils the hidden connections within existence.

This metaphysical principle asserts that our outer environment reflects the state of our inner realm, creating an intricate dance between the seen and unseen.

By scrutinizing beliefs, thoughts, and intentions, individuals gain insights into the subtle connections shaping their reality.

This deep understanding serves as a powerful tool for self-mastery through philosophy and spiritual practices.

Brain Neurons and the Secret to Success

At the intersection of the mental plane and the physical world, the concept of brain neurons becomes a key player.

Understanding how these neural networks operate allows individuals to break free from brain fog and activate specific brain centers essential for success.

The Law of Correspondence, when applied thoughtfully, becomes the secret to unlocking the full potential of the human mind, transcending limitations and manifesting success.

The Human Experience and Seemingly Opposites

Mastering Self through Correspondence

The Law of Correspondence echoes through our physical senses, offering reflections of our mental and emotional states.

Recognizing when this law works against self-mastery requires acute awareness. Uninspired or distracted feelings signal a need for introspection and self-care.

By acknowledging these moments and taking proactive steps, individuals reclaim control over their experiences, identifying personal goals, breaking them into achievable steps, and celebrating incremental successes along the way.

Books About People: A Window into Human Behavior

In the exploration of the spiritual planes, books serve as invaluable guides, offering insights into the intricacies of human behavior.

From timeless classics to modern revelations, literature becomes a mirror reflecting the diversity of the human experience.

By immersing oneself in the stories of others, individuals gain a deeper understanding of the complexities and nuances that shape the human journey.

The Determinants of Success in Everyday Life

Building a Hierarchy of Goals

Success in everyday life is not a matter of luck but a result of conscious effort and strategic alignment with the hierarchical goal framework.

The Law of Correspondence invites individuals to construct a hierarchy of goals, distinguishing between lower-level goals and higher-order goals.

By defining and valuing each goal within this framework, individuals pave the way for a purpose-driven life, where every action contributes to the manifestation of superordinate goals.

Comparisons with People: The Business Life Perspective

In the realm of business life, the Law of Correspondence becomes a guiding principle.

Examining the trajectory of successful business people, we discern patterns of intentional action, strategic thinking, and a profound understanding of the universal principles governing success.

Aligning one's approach to life with these principles becomes the cornerstone of entrepreneurial triumph, transcending the ordinary and manifesting extraordinary results.

The Blueprint for Daily Triumphs

Effortful Control and Universal Principles

The journey towards everyday success involves effortful control, where individuals consciously shape their thoughts and actions in alignment with universal principles.

This blueprint for daily triumphs requires a commitment to positive experiences, an unwavering belief in one's abilities, and an appreciation for the interconnected nature of existence.

The Secret to Success: A Single Hardcover Book

In the pursuit of success, the Law of Correspondence becomes the guiding light, offering insights that transcend time and circumstance.

Napoleon Hill's single hardcover book serves as a testament to the enduring wisdom encapsulated in the principles of success.

By embracing the teachings within, you can unlock the secrets of the law of correspondence success and self-mastery and transform your life and become a conscious creators of your destiny.

Aligning Energy for Business Growth

Navigating the Hierarchical Goal Framework

In the realm of business, the Law of Correspondence takes on a tangible form.

It is one of the guiding lights for entrepreneurs and reminds them to align their energy with desired outcomes.

Its far too easy to get sidetracked with trying to save the world and the whole martyr and perfectionist rhetoric.

Getting caught up with that just adds pressure and fuel to an already raging fire.

For most of us, we are already going at full steam ahead and could use a decompress and some easier manifestation.

Visioning and Mental Screening

Identifying and envisioning the ideal customer, appreciating existing successes, and visualizing future triumphs form a proactive approach.

Enter meditation. It is likely to enter the discussion at some point, this and mindful breathing are always key tools.

This intentional alignment with success-oriented energy becomes the cornerstone of attracting new clients effortlessly, transcending the ordinary and manifesting extraordinary business growth.

Multi-Volume Correspondence Course: A Path to Business Mastery

For those navigating the intricate terrain of business correspondence, the Law of Correspondence becomes a multi-volume correspondence course.

Each interaction, thoughtfully crafted and aligned with success principles, becomes a catalyst for business mastery.

By applying this law to the intricacies of business correspondence, individuals elevate their professional communication, attracting opportunities, and fostering collaborative ventures.

A Blueprint for Personal and Business Mastery

Universal Principles in Action

The Law of Correspondence is not a mere philosophical concept but a dynamic force shaping personal and business life.

Understanding and consciously applying this law, is key to becoming an architect of your reality.

It transcends seemingly opposites to manifest positive experiences in both personal and business life.

The Law of Correspondence unveils the secret to everyday success. It provides you with a roadmap to becoming a CONSCIOUS CREATOR in every aspect of life.

The Lifebook: A Testament to Timeless Wisdom

As we navigate the intricate dance between the physical plane and the spiritual planes, the notion of a single Lifebook book emerges.

It is a proven tool. Your book of ideals, should you decide to use it wisely and religiously (pardon the pun), will stand as testament to the timeless wisdom accumulate by your soul in this lifetime.

You can always check back on it to see where you went off track and trust us, this life has a way of distracting you.

Over time, on its pages you will find encapsulated the principles of the Law of Correspondence with your record.

Learning to treat as sacred your own journey, the attempts, marvelous victories' you discover by applying its principles is sure to charm you right into the loving guidance of the law of momentum.

But that is the topic for another post.

A Sigle Hardcover Book to Rule Them All

This single hardcover book serves as a beacon, guiding seekers on their journey to self-mastery and conscious creation.

We challenge you to embrace the teachings within the book and the insights it reveals to you.

Engage in the activities it challenges you with. Invest in yourself and learn tips for clarifying, visioning and creating your dream life.

It's like they say, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Learn to use a good tool and you will unlock the secrets to your success.

Learning to leverage your own patterns is one of the secrets of the greats.

Journaling is no joke!

John and Missy Butcher

Just ask John and Missy Butcher, the founders of precious moments and the world class Lifebook and life-mastery program.

We certainly recommend stepping out of your comfort zone it your dare.

Why not give the life-transforming system they are using to achieve a high level of success in every area of their lives a try? it might just be the secret sauce you were looking for.

Take some time to explore what they have to say about becoming conscious creators of their destiny.

With the level of results they are having, it's clear their understanding of the Law of correspondence and how to use it is second to none.

They could tell you first hand that the laws that govern the universe are not confined to abstract theories but can in fact serve as a practical guide for personal and business mastery.

By aligning thoughts, actions, and energies with universal principles, individuals transcend the ordinary and manifest extraordinary success in every facet of life.

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The Final Say

In the grand tapestry of existence, the Law of Correspondence remains a guiding force.

It offering us a blueprint for self-mastery and conscious creation.

As you navigate the realms of thought, energy, and manifestation, remember that every choice echoes through the vast interconnectedness of the universe.

There is a cosmic record, they call it the Akashic field and it is more accurate than your google search history.

So embrace the power within. Understand that you have the ability and dare I say responsibility, to shape your reality and transcend the ordinary?

Never forget that you are the artist and architect of your destiny in this cosmic dance of existence.

And just in case you do ever forget your worth or you way on this journey, our experts can help unlock the mysteries of the law of correspondence success and self-mastery for you with their expert psychic guidance.

Don't be shy, reach out. They will have you back on your highest life path in no time.

It's kind of their specialty!

Oh and here's that link we promised to provide for you on the Law of Vibration and how to use it for conscious manifestation.

What's Next?

We may have reached the end of our discussion on the law of correspondence success & self-mastery but there's still plenty more to discover about universal law.

Why not check out this post on the Law of Attraction and how to use its power for your benefit.

Perhaps this one one the Law of Relativity. Our buddy Einstein always provides so much insight!

Or you can read on to discover what's next. This is your journey after all!

The beautiful thing is that you get to decide, so why not consider it like one of those old interactive "choose your own adventure" books?.

The authors note below provides you with a great starting point.

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Don't worry we will be right there to guide you along your way. C'mon, red.. or blue.. pill?

You do realize you are not in Kansas anymore, right Todo?

And down the rabbit hole we go!

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