Unlocking Secrets of the Tarot: Past Present and Future

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Is It Really that Simple?

What if I told you I had a secret to help you unlock the answers to your heart’s burning questions? You’re probably thinking “what the-?” or “hmm, I’m intrigued…” (I’m hoping you’re the latter).

Lets' dive right in and start unlocking Tarot secrets you can use in your daily life with a few of my go to Tarot card spreads.

The answer lies within the sacred tarot!

The dynamic art of tarot has enthralled the human mind for centuries.

The images link us to ancient knowledge that is unlocked by simple observation. The cards invite you into a palace with countless doors to unlock.

The more you unlock, the more knowledge you gain about yourself and your existence.

The sheer joy of having a divine answer within seconds makes you feel both powerful and at peace. In this article on unlocking Tarot secrets, I will share three tarot spreads that you can call upon when you are in need of divine guidance.

I recommend having a tarot journal and jotting down your feelings as we dive into the cards. 

Let us take a deep breath, grab our cards and gain some clarity, shall we. 

Spread 1 (3 cards)

Radical Acceptance Spread: Highlighting What Needs to Go for You to Grow

3 card tarot spread - Unlocking Tarot Secrets

Card 1: Acceptance

In the journey of life, we stumble upon many things that we try to resist.

It may be the loss of a job, relationship or even a person. Whatever it is, you struggle to integrate it into your life.

However, resistance makes the impending release feel heavy and basically impossible. I have some news for you!

Everything we experience has a purpose; even if it may be hard to see right now. The divine plan is to connect us to our purpose.

I know it’s scary but it is also very beautiful.

The Divine never steers us wrong. Anything placed in our lives is divinely aligned.

If it has been removed, that’s also divinely aligned. This card highlights whatever that resistance is.

Sit with it, if you must.

But, allow yourself to really feel into the card.

Cry if you have to. Journal if you have to.

Just remember that the path of your life will never steer you wrong. 

Learning to sit with it and not react is one of the keys to unlocking the secrets of the Tarot and the insight it holds for you.

So don't get impatient. In tie Source will make the answers clear.

Card 2: Release

Releasing can feel just as hard as acceptance.

Sometimes, we hold on so tightly to things that we forget that we were fine before them. 

And we will be fine after them. Release is never a bad thing. It is absolutely necessary.

As we evolve, we must allow ourselves to let go of what no longer serves us.

This is not a punishment. In its essence, it is a gift. We are making space for something new.

We never lose anything when we release, we simply gain a new beginning and a new sense of being. 

Card 3: Embracing

Embracing may be just as hard as acceptance and release. It may even feel much more difficult.

This card highlights parts of ourselves that we may hide. We may be scared to release because we fear being judged, being vulnerable or even being seen.

Whatever your fear, I am here to tell you that it is valid.

There is a reason why you are scared. Fear is simply excitement without breath.

You fear the thing because you have never seen how this plays out. This card calls you to take the leap of faith.

Say yes, just this once, and see what happens. I promise magickal things will occur for you. 

Spread 2 (4 cards) 

As Above, So Below Spread: Gathering Grounding Advice  

4 Card Tarot Spread - Unlocking Tarot Secrets

Card 1: The Current Situation

The first card in this spread gives you an honest reality check.

It brings you away from your biases and back to a place of grounded honesty.

This may be a hard pill to swallow but that is one of the beauties of tarot.

The cards will always tell you what you need to hear. It may be hard to digest at that moment but it is crucial for your forward motion. 

Card 2: The Influencing Energy

We are sometimes blind to what is affecting us.

Anything that affects us is something that has an impression on our energy.

It may be influencing us to change course, stop something or eagerly continue.

Whatever the influencing source, it is key to recognize whether you actually feel this way or if this thought has come from elsewhere.

Pay attention to the way that you think about the situation. Is that really how you feel?

Or is it how you’ve been told you have to feel?

Coming to terms with this allows you to accept what is happening and may even give you the nudge to create some boundaries.

I can’t recommend boundary setting enough! 

Card 3: Divine Guidance from Above

I know “from above” has religious connotations.

But this above does not have to refer to a far removed being in the sky.

It simply refers to an omnipotent divine presence that is offering you guidance. You can switch out "from above” for whatever makes you comfortable.

It can be changed to “the cards”, “within”, “the Universe” or even “my higher self”. It doesn’t necessarily matter how you phrase it.

All that matters is that you recognize that the guidance is coming from a place that extends beyond your current feelings about your situation.

This card brings us a missing piece of information that may be hard to hear but it is optimal at this point in your journey. You’ve got this! 

Card 4: Practical Advice from Below

Receiving divine guidance can feel very overwhelming.

This card provides you with changes you can make or possible next steps. It helps you to get aligned with divine guidance.

That doesn’t make it any easier to digest. It may even be even more difficult.

Whatever the cards tell you, take a deep breath and allow yourself to trust that this advice is leading you to the highest and brightest timeline.

This advice is aligning you to become a better version of you. 

Spread 3 (5 cards) 

Remember My Power: Regaining Your Sovereignty 

5 Card Tarot Spread - Unlocking Tarot Secrets

Card 1: Letting Go of Fear

This card challenges you to face your shadow. We all have fears.

That is nothing to be ashamed of. But, we cannot allow our fears to control us. There comes a time where we have to say “Hey, fear! You don’t control me.”

And we allow ourselves to move and evolve, regardless of the fear.

This card allows you to see the ways in which you may be giving away your own power. Where do you need to let go of fear? Where do you feel as though you are unworthy?

Recognizing is the only way to begin the healing journey.

This is the only way to step into our power. 

Card 2: Creating the Dream Daily

Your dream life does not just immediately manifest.

It is cultivated by implementing and applying your dreams to your current life.

You wish to live a happy life full of love? How do you fill your current life with happiness and love?

The core of this practice is about finding gratitude for what you have. So, when what you want comes, you can accept it with an open heart. 

If you can dream it, you can be it! With this card, we reveal how we can bring our daily life into alignment with our desires.

This may call for you to make decisions you may not necessarily want to make. You may have to set boundaries that you don't necessarily want to set.

Please be patient with yourself. This is a process.

It is crucial to remind yourself that this is your life. And you have the power to cultivate that dream. You are allowed to shift your life and your thoughts, always.

You are allowed to choose yourself. 

Card 3: My Best Self 

Card three reminds you who you really and truly are. Sometimes, we have such clouded perceptions of ourselves.

It may be because we have been giving away our power by playing it small. But this is not who you are.

This card reveals and reminds you who you are at the core of your being. This is who you are when you have let go of the fear and the unworthiness.

This is where you shine the brightest. This card reminds you that you have come so far but this is not the end of your journey. 

Card 4: My Best Self On a Larger Scale

After recognizing your power in card 3, card 4 shows you how you can help others.

It asks you to look at how the world can benefit from you stepping into your sovereignty. I know saying “benefitting the world” can be very daunting.

The world is simply everything outside of you. It is every single other person that exists.

the world can mean that you touch the lives of your mother or your best friend or even your small community.

It doesn’t mean it has to have an immediate global impact. Even if that is your goal; changing the world begins by changing ourselves. And that change ripples out slowly to the lives that we touch. The Butterfly Effect.

Card 5: How Does It Feel?

What does it feel like for you to make powerful decisions? How does it feel to step in your power and stay in it?

This card reminds us that we don’t need permission to stay in our power.

We don’t need someone to tell us that we deserve the world. You are allowed to make these decisions, regardless of what you have been told.

Eveyone is allowed to put themselves first. 


Of course, these are just three of the many spreads that exist out there.

Besides, Unlocking Secrets of the Tarot: Past, Present, and Future Insights, there are spreads for every area of your life.

This article is simply a starting point.

This is just a point for getting more acquainted with your deck and listening to the messages that are pouring out.

I wish you the best of luck with your tarot journey. And may the cards open you up to yourself and your own power. 

Expanding the Exploration of Tarot

Now that we've delved into these three tarot spreads, let's continue to expand our exploration of the world of tarot and its incredible insights into your past, present, and future.

While the initial introduction focused on the foundational spreads, there's much more to discover.

Additional Tarot Spreads for Deeper Insights

  • The Celtic Cross: This classic spread offers a comprehensive view of your current situation, challenges, and potential outcomes. It's a powerful tool for gaining clarity on complex issues.
  • Relationship Spread: If you're seeking insights into your relationships, whether romantic or otherwise, this spread can provide valuable guidance on dynamics, challenges, and future prospects.
  • Horseshoe Spread: This spread is ideal for questions related to decision-making. It explores the past, present, and future aspects of a situation, helping you make informed choices.
  • Chakra Spread: If you're interested in holistic well-being, the Chakra Spread aligns with your energy centers and provides guidance on your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.
  • New Moon Spread: Align your intentions with the lunar cycle. This spread helps you set intentions, navigate your path, and manifest your desires during the new moon phase.

The Power of Tarot Journaling

Keeping a tarot journal, as recommended earlier, is a powerful practice.

It allows you to track your readings, document your interpretations, and observe patterns over time. Your journal becomes a personalized guide to your unique journey with the cards.

Exploring Tarot Symbolism

To fully unlock the secrets of the tarot, it's essential to understand the symbolism within the cards.

Each card carries a unique message, and the symbols play a significant role in interpretation. Delve into books, courses, or online resources to deepen your understanding of tarot symbolism.

Tarot for Self-Discovery

Beyond seeking answers to specific questions, tarot can be a tool for self-discovery. Regular readings can help you understand your own motivations, fears, and desires more clearly. It's a journey inward, enabling you to tap into your inner wisdom.

A Final Sentiment

The world of Tarot is a boundless realm of self-discovery, insight, and empowerment.

As you continue your tarot journey, remember that there are no rigid rules—your intuition and connection with the cards are your greatest assets. Whether you seek answers about your past, present, or future, or if you're on a quest for personal growth and understanding, tarot can be your trusted guide.

So, as you embark on your tarot adventure to start unlocking the secrets of the Tarot and gain access to past, present and future Insights, we encourage you to embrace the mystery and magic that the cards offer.

The secrets of the tarot are yours to unlock, and they hold the key to profound insights into your life's journey.

Wishing you peace, wisdom, and many blessings on your path. Asé.

A Final Sentiment.jpg

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